Engineering Design Graduation Projects

Engineering design project is a requirement for graduation for all programs in the faculty. You need to complete the coursework until 4. semester or you should be able to prove that you are at 7. semester in Sparks system at the time of registry to the Engineering Design Project class as a requirement. (Transfer students and students those registered before 2009 are exempt).

  • The students need to form groups and need to register to GE 400 Engineering Design Project course for Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, and Industrial Engineering departments, and BG400 Project course for Bioinformatics and Genetic department.
  • Successful completion of GE 401 course is a prerequisite for the GE400 course.
  • Double major students should follow the rules of one of their departments for GE 400.

GE_BG400 Bachelor’s Project

Each project will be conducted by a team of 2-4 students and will be supervised by one or more faculty. Advisors are expected to organize regular (weekly) meetings, evaluate and direct the work done by the team members. GE400 forms the capstone of the undergraduate engineering education that involves engineering design for solving a real-life engineering problem and project-management principles.

Project Application FormsGE400 MIS400 IT400_BIO412 application
Project Proposal TemplateGE400 MIS400_IT400_BIO412 proposal.doc
Progress Report TemplateGE400 MIS400 IT400 progress.doc
Guidelines For Preparing Final MaterialGE400 MIS400 IT400_final.doc
Project Presentation ScheduleAnnounced in LEARN


  • Asst. Prof. Esra Ağca Aktunç: Industrial Engineering, GE400
  • Asst. Prof. Yalçın Şadi: Electrical-Electronics Engineering, GE400
  • Assoc. Prof. Tamer Dağ: Computer Engineering, GE400
  • Assoc. Prof. Bengü Özuğur Uysal: Molecular Biology and Genetics, BG400

Important Dates

  • November 5, 2021: For FACULTY to propose project topics

Project topics can be proposed by students, faculty, or industry sponsors.

  • November 30, 2021: Deadline for application for a project

Title (subject matter), supervisor, and team will be solidified.

  • December 25, 2021: Deadline for agreement on meeting schedule with the advisor(s)

The team has to meet weekly with the project advisor(s), to report and discuss the progress of the project.

  • January 17, 2022: Deadline for submission of project proposals to the advisor(s).

The project team has to submit a formal proposal (in English) for the project to the advisor(s). The following should be clearly stated in the proposal: Aim (including a brief literature survey if applicable), methodology, description of work packages, contributions of team members, infra-structure requirements, cost analysis, project schedule. A template for the proposal can be downloaded from the website of the Faculty. The proposal will be evaluated and approved by the project advisor(s). Proposals which fail to be approved can be resubmitted within one week. Team members whose proposal are not approved after resubmission will not be able to take GE 400. If necessary, for the fund support to any project, the team should submit a written request to the Secretary of the Dean.

  • March 14, 2022: Deadline for submission of Progress Report

Progress report should contain information about the current status of the project. It should state the achievements done up to then and make compare them with the plans in the proposal. A template for the progress report can be downloaded from the website of the Faculty.

  • May 13, 2022: Deadline for submission of Final Report

Project report written in English. If applicable, the report should also include documentation and manuals for the product(s). Guidelines for preparation of final material are given in the website of the Faculty. The posters (in a required format, as determined in the Guidelines for Preparation) will be asked fromeach team.

  • May 16, 2022: At least one dry run
  • May 17-18, 2022: Project presentations (Paralel sessions arranged by each department)

Presentation and demonstration (20 min. for presentation, 10 min. for questions and discussion). Department members and quest lecturers are expected to attend the presentations. CDs (including proposal, progress report, final report and presentation in soft format) should also be submitted by the presentation time. Extensions, if needed as per the first presentation, can be scheduled till May 29, 30 the latest.

Evaluation and Grading

The evaluation of the project will be based on the performance of each team member during the term as well as the material submitted/presented at the end of the term. For each department,the best project of the yearwill be chosen by the related department members, and awarded.

The Award Ceremony on June 17, 2022, at 14:00