Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker / Dekan

Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker / Dean

We invite you to enjoy the privilege of specializing in engineering and technology at Kadir Has University.

Engineers and technologists of the twenty first century face the problems of urbanization, perhaps most of all. Rapidly increasing majority of human population crowd up only three per cent of the livable surface area of the planet to give rise to many energy, environment, infrastructure, transportation, security, information and communication needs and problems. Therefore, Istanbul is an urban laboratory. From a global point of view, the advantages of engineering and technology education and research in Istanbul are rather clear. Moreover, Istanbul’s historic texture, and commercial and cultural crossroads make it preferable that the urban solution providers have a multidisciplinary background and have familiarity with law, communication, administration, art and design. Our Faculty, with its new configuration and status within the university, is uniquely situated to raise the engineers, technologists, and technocrats of the twenty first century.

We have accelerated our university-industry collaborations; we have joined forces with giants of transportation, energy, and information technologies for our students and researchers at every level to work together on joint projects. On the other hand, we have increased our portfolio of strong partnerships and productive collaborations with international academic and industrial institutions. 
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