Computer engineering is one of the most preferred professions.

Prof. Dr. Feza Kerestecioğlu

Prof. Dr. Feza Kerestecioğlu

Due to it is rapid growth, "Computer Engineering" is in a leading position in the future of professions. The main philosophy of our department is to educate engineers equipped with up to date knowledge who can produce knowledge and respond to the needs of the academic life and the business sector successfully. The research fields of our academicians are analysis and design of algorithms, microprocessor systems, embedded systems, computer architecture, computer networks, database systems and database application development, computational geometry, parallel programming, software engineering and high-performance computing.

The aim of Computer Engineering Department is to become a leader in education and research areas among our national engineering departments and become a well known  computer engineering department at the international arena.

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Our mission is to offer a high guality engineering education at world standards by creating leading knowledge with original research in our area and to graduate engineers who

  1. can be employeed in industrial and academics fields, home or abroad, with a variety of job responsibilities and be a candidate for succesful careers,
  2. can have strong engineering background equiped with modern technological knowledge,
  3. can follow up the scientific and technological advancement  and renew himself/herself continously,
  4. can be responsive to the local and global problems and be aware of  the professional, social and ethical responsibities,
  5. can perform the written and oral communication very well.

The graduates of Kadir Has University Department of Computer Engineering are expected to

  1. have a strong engineering background and be equipped with modern technological knowledge,
  2. be candidates for successful careers in national as well as international, industrial and academic institutions,
  3. be involved in, especially, software and computer networks projects.

    I congratulate our alumni engineers who were educated based on this strong infrastructure due to their great achievements in the business sector and in academic life. I wish success to current and prospective students of our department.