Undergraduate Program

Kadir Has University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Mechatronics Engineering Undergraduate Program is focused on topics and their applications that recently gained increasing importance and require a synergistic combination of mechanics, electronics and software — such as sensor technologies, robotics, automation.

Twenty students on full scholarship were accepted in the 2019–2020 academic year.

The aim of the program is to provide an education in international standards via a project-based learning approach and graduate engineers, who

  1. Are equipped with universal values and competencies,
  2. Are able to address all kinds of engineering problems, and provide solutions with multidisciplinary and project-based approaches,
  3. Acquired the necessary software, hardware and design background for mechatronics engineering,
  4. Can take research, development, design, project development and management responsibilities in robotics, automation, sensor technologies and related areas.

All mechatronics engineering programs at home and abroad are typically structured as individual courses, the majority of which are compulsory. Mechatronics Engineering Department in Kadir Has University, however, provides an educational model, which

  1. Transfers universal values and competencies to the student during the first year,
  2. Starts the studies for academic and professional competencies from the second year on,
  3. Is based on project-based learning spanning to four years.

The topics in this approach are taught through projects based on examples from mechatronic engineering practices that are determined in cooperation with the industry. Starting from the second semester of the curriculum, students are directed to work on at least two projects per semester. In doing this, they are questioning the formation required to achieve the goal in these projects, and acquiring it with the topics they will learn during that period. Industry partners of the program will take an active role in defining, implementing and evaluating these projects. As a result, our program is innovative and designed to provide mechatronics engineering education using a project-based learning (PBL) model on a student profile equipped with universal values and competencies.

Industry Partners