Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Emre ÇELEBİ


Start End Title Place
01 January 2015 - Industrial Engineering Internship Advisor Industrial Engineering


Start End Work Position
05 January 2004 30 April 2010 University of Waterloo Teaching Assistant
01 February 2014 - University of Waterloo Adjunct Faculty
01 September 2008 31 December 2010 University of Waterloo Lecturer


Education University Department Date
PhD University of Waterloo Management Sciences 2011
MSc University of Waterloo Management Sciences 2006
BSc Istanbul Technical University Management Engineering 2001


Energy and Network Economics: Electricity market models Power system economics and planning Variational inequality problems Complementarity problems Decomposition Methods: Dantzig-Wolfe, Benders, Lagrangean decomposition methods for equilibrium models
Supply Chain Management: Supply chain network design Integrated production, transportation and inventory management models Heuristics


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
IE-488 Special Topics in Industrial Engineering Kadir Has University
IE-415 Modeling in Supply Chain Management Kadir Has University
IE-341 Transportation and Logistics Engineering Kadir Has University
GE-204 Probability and Statistics for Engineers Kadir Has University