Prof. Dr. Kemal YELEKÇİ


Start End Title Place
01 July 2001 01 September 2007 Dean, Faculty of Science and Arts Kadir Has University
01 January 2001 31 December 2003 Vice rector Kadir Has University
01 September 1998 01 July 2001 Dean, Faculty of Science and Arts Marmara University


Start End Work Position
01 January 1987 01 January 1988 Northwestern University – Department of Medicinal Chemistry Post-doc reseracher
01 January 1988 31 December 1989 Ege University, Department of Chemistry Asst. Prof.
01 January 1990 01 January 2001 Marmara University, Department of Chemistry Assoc. Prof.
01 January 2001 - Kadir Has University, Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics Prof. Dr.


Education University Department Date
Ph. D. University of Ohio Department of Organic Chemistry 1987
Master's Çukurova University Department of Organic Chemistry 1981
B.Sc. METU Department of Chemistry 1979


Computer-aided drug design Molecular Dynamics and quantum mechanic methods
Computational chemistry


Code Course Name Course Location Semester
CH-500 Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy & Applications Marmara University Spring 1990-91 - Spring 1995-96 - Spring 1999-2000
CH-450 Spectroscopic Identification of Organic Compounds Marmara University Spring 2000-01 - Spring 1999-2000
PC-157 History of Science I Kadir Has University Fall 2013-14
BIO-531 Essential Cell Biology Kadir Has University Fall 2012-13
CH-101 General Chemistry Kadir Has University Fall 2013-14, Fall 2012-13
BIO-206 Organic Chemistry II Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
BIO-201 Organic Chemistry I Kadir Has University Fall 2014-15
BIO-622 Special Topics in Medicinal Chemistry Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
BIO-520 Organic Chemistry of Drug Design and Drug Action Kadir Has University Spring 2014-15
BIO-511 Introduction to Bioinformatics Kadir Has University Fall 2014-15